Hotel SIDRO organizes all kinds of celebrations, wedding ceremonies, celebrations of firms, birthdays, prom nights and all those you would like to celebrate together with your closest friends and business partners.

In accordance with the needs, please decide for some of our offers. We wish that your celebration be perfect and because of that we listen attentively your every wish, we are open for every new idea, we wish to hear how your perfect celebration looks like.

Except a pleasant space we guarantee to you also the most quality gastronomic offer, authentic specialties prepared from the chosen domestic foodstuffs, excellent choice of beverages and sweets, all these in combination chosen by you.

Hotel SIDRO is the right place and when it is the time for organizing of corporative celebration, company jubilees, celebrating of business successes and dates when you wish to enable also to your colleagues the moments of relaxation.

For all of your opportunities