What makes Montenegro specific is certainly diversity of its expanse. Like almost nowhere else in the world can the morning you can swim and sunbathe by the sea, dine at the sign of the lake, and in the afternoon to enjoy the clean mountain air. Nowhere will you find, in such a small place, so much natural wealth, beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and gorgeous mountains - except in Montenegro.

Wonderland. A jar full of various kinds of goods. As it is indeed, according to legend, the god over Montenegro tore bag when he shared the gifts of nature, but he fell out of the mountain and much more.

"The land of wild nature, beautiful coastline, mystical mountains and gentle people, if we have that Montenegro can be described in a few words, this would definitely be it, however, although a small country, Montenegro is far more than that."

Geographers will, however, say that this is an area in the south of Europe and the Balkans, a small but unique for its diversity, due to the impact of powerful forces of nature in ancient times. Forces or by accident, just - it turned out nice and unusual, magnificent. Unforgettable. And individually and in harmony: sea salt, mimosa and oleanders, mountain flowers, eternal snow, pine, smell huts and hot homemade bread, stone steps of the old town, mature Cormorant and dried figs, as well as beautiful, tall people.

Montenegro is located between 41º 52'- 43º 42' north latitude and 18º26'- 20º22' east longitude, it belongs to the central Mediterranean, and southern Europe. In the north it borders with Serbia, in the southeast with Kosovo and Albania, the south is separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea on the west its neighbors are Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Montenegro is a proud country, which boasts a long and turbulent history, though for centuries the center of various cultural and religious influences, Montenegro is a multiethnic country known for its tolerance and harmonious relations between its peoples.

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The municipality of Bar is situated in the southeast of Montenegro, between the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake, bordered Podgorica, Budva, Cetinje and Ulcinj municipality, while the town of Bar on 42 '6' 'of latitude and 19'6' 'of longitude, with altitude of four meters. The municipality is 505 square kilometers.

In the municipality of Bar, there are three basic spatial units. The first is the coastal-plain (belt by the sea, with a low mountain by the Bar, Mrkovskog and mountain fields, and part Crmnica), the second zone of high mountains (natural border between the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake) and the third represents the Skadar Lake.

"The bar has more than 46 kilometers of coastline, with two dozen beaches, about nine kilometers in length. The average July temperature is a must 23,2C and providence five meters.""

About the age of the city tells the Old Town Bar, it's actually the fortress that is several centuries was the center of the town, until the population has not started to move lower in the field. Have you heard of an old olive tree, which is 2,000 years old? This olive tree is located in Mirovica in Bar, more precisely in its old part, which indicates that in this region were living and two millennia ago.

The Bar is known for its nautical tourism, it is the yachting club, for all lovers of sailing this is the place. As for entertainment, the city has plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs, depending on what you like. For those who like to taste some typical by lush meal, we suggest you try the salted anchovies. If you like olives, what can not be that you do not try eating wading olives, which also can be purchased on a large market in Bar. Since the events in this city to extract: International TV Festival, Meetings Under The Old Olive Tree, the festival of wine and bleak, Maslinijada, Bar Yearbook, put ecology, tourism and culture, swimming marathon and many other events.

Source by NTO - Montenegro wild beauty


To our facility can be reached by highway through Podgorica, Virpazar, through the tunnel Sozina. At the turn after the Sozina tunnel, turn right towards Bar. Another way is the Adriatic highway Budva, Becici, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac. Bar

Distance certain places of our facility:

- Podgorica - 55km

- Tivat - 60km

- Budva - 40km

- Herceg Novi - 80km

- Kotor - 60km

Airport Podgorica - 50 km

Br. Tel: +382 20 444 244

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Airport Tivat - 60 km

Br. Tel: +382 32 671 337

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Airport Dubrovnik – 105km

Br. Tel: +385 20 773 444

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Port of Bar - Trajekt-Ferry Montenegro Lines

Br. Tel: +382 30 303 469

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Port of Kotor

Br. Tel: +382 32 325 573

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Rail station Bar

Br. Tel: +382 30 301 622